fried chicken

Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t like fried chicken? Seriously who? Well, my mother for one. lol She doesn’t like or eat chicken in type of form. What’s up with her? I was missing a straight up fried chicken video from my little collection. That had to be corrected immediately. This chicken is crispy and well favored without a […]

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naan bread

Naan Bread

Naan bread is an Indian flat bread. In India, they eat it with curries because it’s perfect for soaking up the wonder juices of India’s spicy food. But don’t save it just for Indian food, these make for fine individual pizza crust. The trick is to bake them according to the recipe, put them on […]

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grilled pork chops

Grilled Pork Chops

These grilled pork chops are super easy to make. You most likely have the ingredients already on hand. The longest part is waiting for the marinade to do its thing on the chops. Then a couple of minutes per side on your grill pan, and let the eating begin. You could toss the chops in […]

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hot wings

Hot Wings

Ok, my favorite time of the year is here! Football Season! My team has started out with a dismal 1-2 record but it’s entirely too early to become discouraged. One thing that always makes losing feel a bit more tolerable is tasty football food. So in honor of my two favorite teams I’ve made wings […]

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